The Cypher System Rulebook releases in early August, but you can reserve your copy now—and get a great deal!

Pre-order the Cypher System Rulebook from your local brick-and-mortar game store, and Monte Cook Games will send you the PDF version for free. You’ll even get the PDF a little early. Here’s how it works:

  • Download and print the retail pre-order form and fill it out your name and contact info.
  • Go to your local game store and ask to place a paid pre-order for the Cypher System Rulebook. Give them the form. Pay for your pre-order and get a receipt. The receipt needs to show the date, the store name, and a line item for the pre-order.
  • Shoot a photo of the receipt and email it to Make sure the photo is legible!
  • And that’s it! On or around July 20th, we’ll email you a code for a free download of the Cypher System Rulebook PDF!