Are you a fan who’d like to help build the community for the Cypher System by sharing content you’ve created on your blog, web site, or online community? We’d love to support you, and we have assets you can use—but we have a few things we ask of you as well. Please have a look at our Fan Use Policy.

Small Publishing

If you’re interested in publishing products for the Cypher System (either for profit or to distribute for free) on a small-press basis, please check out the Cypher System Creator program at DriveThruRPG. Through this program you can publish Cypher System compatible products large or small in PDF format, and make them available for download at any price you choose (including for free).

Professional Licensing

The Cypher System is a fantastic game engine, with tens of thousands of invested fans. Perhaps it’s the perfect engine for your RPG line! Or perhaps you have a setting that would make a great sourcebook compatible with the Cypher System Rulebook.

We’re currently working with multiple licensing partners on the use of the Cypher System in their games, and we’re open to further proposals. Contact Charles Ryan with a proposal that outlines your product and business plan.